Project Based Learning

Throughout the year you will also be working on a number of group projects, supported by companies and professors. The purpose of these projects is to allow you to integrate the theory that you are learning into real life situations.

1. Entrepreneurship Project with the New Ventures course
In small teams, you will create your entrepreneurial projects and pitch them to a jury of professors and professionals

2. Disruptive Trend Project
A company will ask you to research and present how future trends will impact their business. How will you incorpoate different stakeholder views, how can you create different future scenarios?

3. Integrative Seminar/Business 360 degrees
A company volunteers their published accounts and you will interpret them relative to a given strategy

4. Design Thinking Project
During the Learning Trip to Finland, you will spend 3 days in a Design Factory, working on a business idea. You are given the target customer, the value proposition and asked to develop a strategy to generate higher sales for the clients.

5. CSR Hackathon
For over 2 days you will serve a social entreprise client (NGO or governmental organization), developing solutions to solve their problems. You have the unique opportunity to use your expertise to help the organization.